Testimonials of Our Kidney Patients:

Ayurkidney.com gives the best herbal supplements to our Kidney disease patients with no side effects. Our patients are living a healthier life and we wish a good future for them. Here, have a look What our kidney patients say about their treatment.

I am V. Balasubramaniam from Telangana, Hyderabad suffering from Kidney disease. I have a visit to many doctors regarding my kidney treatment but I haven’t got any success. Then certainly one day I have heard about the Ayurveda Yogashram the Ayurveda center in Amritsar Punjab. I have taken the Kidney treatment and I see that my creatinine levels decrease in a month. Thanks to Ayurveda yogashram and Dr. Naveen Arya.

Hello, my name is Ram Vishwakarma. I belong to Katni, Madhya Pradesh. Last year I was diagnosed with Kidney failure. Allopathic doctors recommended my Dialysis. I thought I will be stuck with this disease for my whole life as I have taken a lot of treatments for my kidney to be recovered but I found nothing. Then my brother got to know about the Ayurveda Yogashram for kidney disease by Dr. Naveen Arya. Within the month, I got results, my creatinine level got reduced. I am very thankful to Dr. Arya to give the best Ayurveda kidney treatment.

I am Namita Tripathi from Gwalior Madhya Pradesh. I was suffering from both Liver and Kidney problem.  We have tried all the treatments for my liver and kidney from big hospitals. Instead of this, I have been suggested by doctors for a Kidney transplant. But, after taking treatment from Dr. Naveen Arya from Ayurveda Yogashram, I found my body changed into a new way. They have given me the best herbal treatment as well as given me the diet plan to eat during my kidney failure treatment. I feel very thankful to Dr. Naveen and his dedicated team.

Hello, I am Mayank Tiwari, 28 years old from Pune Maharashtra. I was suffering from Kidney disease with a creatinine level of 6.93 and my doctors suggested me to take up dialysis, as my health conditions become worst by time. I have heard from my close friend about the Dr. Naveen Arya from Ayurveda Yog Ashram from Amritsar. Without delay, I have taken kidney treatment. The doctor has sent me the medicines and guided me all the way about prescribed medicine and diet plan. After taking treatment from Dr. Naveen my creatinine level decreases and I feel positivity in my daily life. Thanks to Ayurveda Yogashram.

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